Social network for kids

Social network for kids

Nowadays, children do not always have the opportunity to communicate with their peers outside of school hours. This is especially true in developed countries.
The rhythm of life is accelerating, and parents do not always have the opportunity to devote enough time to their children. Letting your child go outside to play with friends, especially in the big city, can be dangerous.

Social network is not a substitute for children’s offline communication with each other, but it’s better than complete loneliness or continuous playing games on the computer. These platforms aim to provide a controlled environment where children can interact with their peers and engage in activities suitable for their age group. 
I would like to share the most popular and safe social networking sites for kids under the age of 13. 

GromSocial is a social networking platform designed specifically for children and pre-teens. It incorporates educational content, including articles, videos, and interactive games, aimed at promoting learning and positive development among its young users. GromSocial encourages kids to express their creativity through features such as photo sharing, artwork showcases, and creative challenges.

Kidzworld is a social networking platform designed for kids and teens aged 9-16. It offers a safe online community where young users can create profiles, chat with friends, join forums, play games, and access educational content.

Franktown Rocks is a virtual world and social network targeted at kids aged 8-12. It provides a safe environment for kids to explore, play games, customize their avatars, and interact with other users through chat and messaging.

LEGO Life is a social network created by the LEGO Group for children aged 5-13. It allows kids to share and showcase their LEGO creations, engage in building challenges, follow their favorite LEGO themes, and interact with other LEGO enthusiasts.

Yoursphere is a social networking site designed for kids and teens aged 9-18. It offers a safe and monitored environment where users can create profiles, connect with friends, participate in forums and discussions, play games, and explore various interests.

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