Social Media and Online Activities

Engaging with social media platforms, creating online content and participating in virtual communities have become prominent leisure activities for students and individuals in the digital age. These activities offer a range of benefits and opportunities. Encouraging responsible and mindful online behavior, promoting digital literacy, and maintaining open communication can help students navigate the digital world effectively.

Some specific examples of social media and online activities for students:

Instagram Influencing
Students create visually appealing content such as fashion, beauty, travel or lifestyle posts on Instagram to gain followers and potentially collaborate with brands.

TikTok Creations 
Students produce short, creative videos on TikTok, often centered around dance challenges, lip-syncing, comedy skits or educational content.

YouTube Vlogging 
Students record and edit videos for YouTube channels covering topics like daily life, travel experiences, product reviews or educational content.

Snapchat Streaks 
Students maintain streaks by sending photos or videos to friends daily on Snapchat, aiming to achieve the highest number of consecutive days.

Twitter Conversations 
Engaging in real-time discussions, sharing thoughts, memes, and news on Twitter and participating in hashtags related to trending topics.

Pinterest Inspiration 
Students use Pinterest to discover and collect ideas for projects, events, recipes and more through visual bookmarks.

Reddit Discussions 
Engaging in discussions on Reddit forums (subreddits) that cater to specific interests, hobbies or academic subjects.

Gaming and Streaming 
Students play video games individually or with friends and some even stream their gameplay on platforms like Twitch or YouTube for an audience.

Online Escape Rooms
Online puzzle games that simulate the experience of a physical escape room adventure. Players collaborate remotely using the internet to interact with the game and each other: EnchamberedThe Escape Game, Puzzle Break, Trapped Puzzle Rooms, Mystery Escape Room

Virtual Reality Communities 
Participating in virtual worlds or social platforms using VR technology to interact with others in immersive environments: VRChat, Rec Room, Horizon Worlds, Mozilla Hubs, Sansar, ENGAGE

Online Quizzes and Polls 
Participating in interactive online quizzes, polls and personality tests on platforms: Buzzfeed Quiz Creator, Playbuzz, Quizlet, Poll Everywhere, SurveyMonkey, Typeform

Fan Fiction and Fan Art
Contributing to fan communities by writing fan fiction stories or creating artwork inspired by favorite books, movies, TV shows or video games. Archive of Our Own,, Tumblr, DeviantArt, Pixiv, ArtStation

Music Sharing and Discovery 
Sharing music playlists and discovering new artists or genres on platforms like Spotify.

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