Let’s discover the interests of children (and parents)

Let’s discover the interests of children (and parents)

Discovering your child’s interests can be an exciting journey that involves observation, communication and exploration. And there is a very good tool.
The Holland Code, also known as the RIASEC model, is a popular framework that categorizes individuals into six personality types based on their interests, skills and preferences. While the original model was developed for adults, it was adapted for children to provide insights into their potential interests and strengths. 

Here’s how the Holland Code can be applied to children:

Realistic (R):
Children with realistic interests often enjoy hands-on activities and working with tools or machines. They might be drawn to activities that involve physical skills and problem-solving. Examples of interests include building, crafting, sports and outdoor activities.

Investigative (I):
Kids with investigative interests tend to be curious, analytical and enjoy exploring the world around them. They might be interested in science, solving puzzles, conducting experiments and asking questions.

Artistic (A):
Children with artistic interests have a creative and imaginative mindset. They enjoy expressing themselves through art, music, writing and other forms of creative expression. They might be drawn to activities like drawing, painting, playing musical instruments and storytelling.

Social (S):
Kids with social interests are often empathetic, good listeners and enjoy helping others. They might enjoy activities that involve teamwork, communication and caring for people or animals. Examples include volunteering, team sports and group projects.

Enterprising (E):
Children with enterprising interests are confident, outgoing and enjoy taking on leadership roles. They might be interested in activities that involve persuasion, communication and organizing events. They might enjoy roles in student government, public speaking and organizing clubs or activities.

Conventional (C):
Kids with conventional interests are organized, detail-oriented and enjoy structured environments. They might like activities that involve following instructions, organizing things and working with data. Examples include puzzles, games with rules and tasks that require attention to detail.

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