Humour for kids and teens

Humour for kids and teens

A sense of humour begins to appear and develop in early childhood under the influence of the environment, jokes, etc. The lack of preconditions for its development leads to the formation of a straightforward character, a person with this extreme type of personality may have problems in social adaptation.

Here are some popular humorous digital resources that are specifically focused on providing entertainment  for children and teens:

Zach King:
He is a popular social media influencer and content creator known for his creative and mind-bending magic and illusion videos.

Story Pirates Podcast:
A podcast where actors and comedians turn kids’ story ideas into hilarious and imaginative sketches.

Pigeon Presents:
Mo Willems’ official website featuring interactive games, videos and activities based on his humorous picture books.

Offers fun dance-along videos, mindfulness exercises and brain breaks to keep kids active and entertained.

The Kid Should See This:
A collection of educational and entertaining videos selected for their ability to engage young minds with fascinating and often humorous content.

Jokes for Kids App:
Available on app stores, this app provides a daily dose of kid-friendly jokes that are sure to bring a smile.

Simon’s Cat YouTube Channel:
Animated shorts featuring a mischievous cat’s antics that are sure to tickle funny bones.

The Beano Website:
Offers interactive games, quizzes, comics and jokes from the classic British comic series.

Funny or Die’s Billy on the Street:
A comedy game show where host Billy Eichner quizzes unsuspecting pedestrians with humorous and absurd questions.

Kid President:
A YouTube channel featuring inspirational and humorous videos by a young boy named Kid President.

Laugh Factory’s Kids’ Jokes:
A collection of clean and funny jokes suitable for kids, available on various platforms including YouTube.

Annoying Orange YouTube Channel:
An animated series where a talking orange interacts with various characters, resulting in quirky and often silly conversations.

Science Max YouTube Channel:
Combines humor and science experiments, engaging kids in entertaining and educational ways.

Garfield Comics:
The official website offers a collection of Garfield comics, featuring the humorous adventures of the iconic cat.

Fuzzy Puppet YouTube Channel:
Offers funny puppet shows, skits and songs that are both entertaining and age-appropriate.

Dad Jokes App:
An app filled with family-friendly dad jokes that can bring laughter to kids and adults alike.

The Muppets YouTube Channel:
Classic and new Muppet sketches, songs and skits that are bound to entertain with their unique brand of humor.

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