Child-friendly browsers with AI

Child-friendly browsers with AI

I can’t help but mention such an important thing as safe Internet surfing. There are several child-friendly web browsing platforms that incorporate artificial intelligence to provide a safer and more controlled online experience for children.

Kidoz is an AI-powered mobile content discovery platform designed for kids. It offers a child-friendly web browser that filters and curates online content, ensuring that children access age-appropriate websites and apps.

Zoodles is another child-oriented web browsing platform that uses AI algorithms to personalize and filter online content for kids. It provides a safe and educational online environment with curated games, videos, and websites.

Spin Safe Browser is a web browser designed for children to provide a safe and controlled online experience. It is designed to filter out inappropriate content, including violence, drugs, gambling, and adult content.

Pikluk is a browser is designed for children who like to surf the Internet and use e-mail. It gives parents the ability to set up the sites they want their children to browse and it restricts access to other Internet resources. The parental panel allows parents to configure the browser remotely. Pikluk’s interface is designed to show only authorized content, without allowing the child to access the computer system. 

ZAC is a web browser designed for children with autism. It provides a limited and specially designed way to surf the net. Most of us surf the Internet many times a day without problems, but for people with autism spectrum disorders it becomes a much more difficult experience.

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