Augmented reality and video editors for kids

Augmented reality and video editors for kids

A couple of days ago I noticed my son enthusiastically watching Zach King‘s videos on YouTube. And you know, it’s really interesting. Even for adults.
But it’s not about Zach’s funny videos. It’s about children’s interest in this kind of video editing using AR elements.

The first thing that came to mind was Meta Spark Studio. A great free editor with a free online course. But it’s a bit complicated for a kid.
I started searching the Internet for similar video editors for children and found several:

Metaverse Studio is a popular AR studio that offers a drag-and-drop interface for kids to create interactive augmented reality experiences. It provides a wide range of customizable templates, characters, and objects that children can use to build their own AR games, stories, and quizzes.

CoSpaces Edu is an AR and VR platform designed specifically for educational purposes. It allows kids to create their own virtual worlds using 3D objects, animations, and interactive elements. The platform supports collaborative projects and provides educational content and lesson plans for teachers and students.

Quiver is an AR coloring app that combines traditional coloring books with augmented reality technology. Kids can color the provided templates, and then, using the app, see their creations come to life in 3D and interact with them.

PaintAR is an AR studio that combines coloring and augmented reality. Kids can color various templates, and then use the app to see their colored creations come to life as interactive 3D objects in AR. They can also take photos and videos of their augmented reality creations.

Aryzon is an AR headset that transforms a smartphone into an augmented reality device. It offers a simplified development platform called Aryzon Creator, which allows kids to build their own AR experiences by importing 3D models, videos, and images and adding interactive elements.

ARLOOPA is an AR studio that offers a range of features for kids to create AR experiences. They can add 3D objects, animations, videos, and sounds to create interactive and immersive AR scenes. The app also supports multiplayer experiences, allowing kids to collaborate and play together in AR.

ZapWorks is an AR studio that provides a comprehensive set of tools for creating augmented reality experiences. It offers a range of templates, widgets, and scripting capabilities to create interactive AR content. While it caters to a broad audience, it can be suitable for older kids with some guidance.

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